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The objective is to provide specific technical tools to develop and deepen movement and exploration capabilities. The work is inclusive for all levels, since the tools that are shared can be covered from the experience that each person has. From the respect for the individual, I do not push or pretend a specific result but I invite you to have an empathic experience that is linked to the pleasure in doing and research.

I use exploration as a means to integrate, energize and test technical tools in dialogue with their own possibilities and languages. I propose a specific methodology that can be learned and applied to technical research in any discipline as well as to the area of ​​artistic creation. Part of this methodology proposes strategies to generate self-management and independence for the development of personal practices.

The proposal is adapted and the information shared is specially organized for the different course formats.


Lucía Toker is dedicated to pedagogical and movement research. She has been teaching for more than 13 years. Her work concept is the constant updating and search for technical tools and methodological strategies that facilitate the connection and development of movement practice for people with all levels of experience.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Lucia Ella works regularly teaching classes in professional dance programs, workshops and seminars throughout Argentina and Europe. Her training began at a very young age and she went through different disciplines and techniques, such as artistic gymnastics, floor acrobatics, tango, flamenco, contemporary dance, improvisation,

rehabilitation techniques, physical therapies, physical training and theoretical studies related to the human body.

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