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With ten years of existence, Revés is an internationally recognized platform of body training and contemporary movement. A great number of people and artists from all around the world get together here in Costa Rica to be a part of this singular, artistic, multicultural, innovative and highly human experience.

Revés becomes  a bridge where students and professionals of dance and circus can experiment different movement languages. Our aim is to celebrate movement through all that comes with it. Together dancers, students, art lovers and the public in general create connections that will last forever, opening a door to continue  creative  exchange processes  within their contexts and communities.

The platform has two different scholarships for the community.

Artists In Residency 

Managed throughout invitation to different artists from many countries, in order to share with them training and

rehearsal processes without any cost. Our purpose is to benefit Centralamerican and Latinamerican artists linked to

specific projects, so they can expand their coworking network and share knowledge with their communities.

Guest Artists

Preselected artists from different platforms that maintain  ongoing collaborations with Revés.

Correspondingly, Revés will select costarrican artists to  explore other international programs.

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