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FAQ /Simple questions, simple answers

¿Do Revés scholarships exist?

We hold two different scholarship programs


Artists In Residency 

Managed throughout invitation to different artists from many countries, in order to share with them training and rehearsal processes without any cost. Our purpose is to benefit Centralamerican and Latinamerican artists linked to specific projects, so they can expand their coworking network and share knowledge with their communities. 

Guest Artists

Preselected artists from different platforms that maintain  ongoing collaborations with Revés. Correspondingly, Revés will select Costa Rican artists to  explore other international programs.


Where can I request an invitation letter for Revés 2022?

Send an email to to request an invitation letter.




Can I pay Revés in cash once I arrive in Costa Rica?

No. Except in special situations, but you must contact the organization in advance via email to


Can I go through  only 1 week of training?

Yes. Each week of the program will have different instructors.


Is it necessary to have a specific dance level to enjoy Revés?

Revés is designed for all people interested in the Arts of Human Movement.


What do I need to participate in the workshops?

Comfortable training  clothing. Is the participant’s decision to bring more than one training clothes for each workshop.

Is essential to mention that the participants should bring their own bottle of water (ideally reusable) and can fill them with drinkable water  straight from  the faucets of the official site.



Where does Revés occur?

Revés takes place in Parque La Libertad located in  Desamparados- San José
Address Here


Are there any food establishments around the official site?

In a 500 meter radio,  participants can find  restaurants, supermarkets, drugstores and more.

¿Does the training site have showers?

. There are 6 available showers for participants to use when needed.



Where can I exchange US dollars to the national currency?

There are many different places to exchange US dollars for  national currency (colones) in San José, among these are national and private banks, and currency exchange offices. 

Revés DOES NOT recommend exchanging US dollars at the Juan Santamaría International Airport offices. 


¿How many colones is a dollar?

​The exchange rate oscillates according to the exchange offices. However, the difference is minimal. It is recommended to visit the website of the Banco Central of Costa Rica to verify the exchange rate per day. (



  • It is recommended to only use US dollars, in case of bringing euros the only exchange office is the Banco de Costa Rica (BCR)

  • San José is a safe place. However, do not expose yourself to any dangerous situation. It is recommended not to carry visible cell phones, tablets or cameras in order to avoid  robbery. In case of remaining doubts on this matter, please consult with any person of the organization to clarify the situation.


  • Is better to reside in San José, due to the closeness with the training space and the fatigue that this can generate to the participants. In case you reside in other provinces, take  in consideration that you might have to travel around an hour or more to reach the training space during rush hours.


  • Revés 2022 will not take responsibility for any  kind of accidents  during the training activities of the event. Is highly recommended that each participant owns  a medical and accident insurance.

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