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This workshop has two main goals. First create consciousness about our own body, recognizing muscular efforts to be able to accomplish movement phrases, sequences and exercises through personal and external territory, while covering lower, medium and high levels of movement in and out of  space. Identify the  awareness of the muscular effort needed for a proper achievement of spirals, speed, floor entrances and exits and the adaptability to encounter unexpected situations and possible accidents. 

​Secondly is the usefulness  in  the appropriation of all participants' tools and experiences captured throughout their physical training history which reflects in their unique personal approach. 


Began his training in Olympic Gymnastics at the age of 19. Graduated  from Conservatorio El Barco in Costa Rica  back in   2005. Has worked with international companies and choreographers such as “Ultima Vez / Win Vandekeybus (Belgium) in the play '' Speak Low if you Speak Love ”where he has also worked as a teacher of the company. Has carried out collaborative projects with the choreographer Anton Lachky (Slovakia-Belgium) and also created the Tres Hermanos project with his brothers and began to carry out collaborative work while creating a Centralamerican network. They also started the Revés project.  In 2010 in collaboration with Adrian Arriaga created the Colectivo Clá dedicated to the creation of artistic projects and the teaching of contemporary dance both inside and outside the country. In 2014 they were awarded the National Award for Best Dance Company because of their work within and outside the borders. " He is currently an active dancer of Milan Tomasik & Co. (Slovenia- Slovakia)

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