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The work presents a valuable aesthetic content, a clean space is proposed very close to the public (the public is on stage with the performers), which is transformed with great power through the changes in lighting that make the worlds travel dramatic. The proximity with the public is an elementary resource for the involvement of the public with the scenic piece.

With La Plancha, we wanted to confront the established notions of being a man and being a woman in couple relationships, the small implicit and daily violence that we have normalized socio-affectively, and how these are permeated by cultural mechanisms typical of mass culture.

La Plancha tells the story of a married couple and their iron, whom they name Marieta. As we witness Marieta's experiences and nightmares, two forensic investigators try to piece together a story with her help. But the clothes irons don't speak.


Creative Team

Creation and Interpretation: Zebastián Méndez Marín and Lívia Balážová MM

Stage Direction: Zebastián Méndez Marín
Production Management: Rafa Ávalos
Production Assistance: Nereo Salazar and Vivian Rodríguez Umaña Dramaturgical Writing: Andrea Monge N
Still Photography: Adrián Coto


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