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How to start a process and not just start it? How to be willing to respond and not react? How to expand our ability to be present and listen? How to be one with the other and not one against the other? ,

how to avoid falling prisoners in the way of a master? How to create different relationships with the other and with ourselves?

This practice seeks to generate a space where the student is responsible for his process and not only imitates forms from which he can learn the impulses of a body that can be moved through space and others in a harmonic and integrated manner.


Performing artist, creator, aikidoka and environmental educator interested in the body in motion and nature. She founded the interdisciplinary collective Proyecto al Margen in 2010. She has danced in 4 of the 5 continents, collaborating with artists and companies such as: Delfos, Physical Momentum, ASYC Movement theater, MákinadT, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Francesca Lattieri and Shantí Vera, among others. .


During 2014 she did a residency with Laura Aris in Hong Kong and in 2017 she was invited to the TANZ + MUSIK laboratory organized by the Goethe Institut Méxiko (dual year Mexico-Germany). She currently focuses her practice primarily on the development of the language of improvisation through the body in movement and directs the

La Primavera Forest Festival, which dialogues between art and environmental thought.

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