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partner identification


This workshop will focus on  couple work and  connection aspects such as: trust, weight, instinct, conscience, leaders and followers.

The physical communication flow depends on the shared  balance conscience, during this process we will handle predetermined  situations based on trust with others. Therefore, we can embrace more risks, play with energy  and speed while  trying out  ideas and rediscover  our own capacities.

We will explore some elements based on Los INnato creation process, that will urge the participants to develop their own material within this  context.

This workshop seeks to encourage the instinct and elemental movement of every participant to establish trust among  the group and manage difficult situations.


Graduated from Conservatorio El Barco in Costa Rica back in 2009, Marko has participated in numerous  workshops with renowned teachers such as Jimmy Ortiz, David Zambrano, Wim Vandekeybus, Roberto Olivan, Iñaki Azpillaga, and others.


Participant of the 50 Days - Flying Low and Passing Trough Costa Rica 2011. Member of the Independent Professional Company 4pelos / Los DenMedium of director Jimmy Ortiz C. 2006 - 2010. Director of the project Los INnato. Artistic producer of different national and international dance and circus festivals. Academic Assistant at the Conservatorio El Barco 3rd Generation.  2010 - 2013.


Currently has presented his art and workshop inPRACTICAL [identificación del otro] in different countries such as: Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, USA, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Korea and others.


He has made different residencies in many countries: Mexico, Spain, Brazil and Costa Rica. Co-director of La Machine Street Festival and  Revés International Training Platform.

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